Ross Restoration

Course Restoration Timelapse:  Watch the Course Restoration, consolidated, showing the full 12 weeks’ work focusing on green number 6.

Course Restoration Update 5:  It’s a race to the finish as the details are being completed at Maketewah CC. Superintendent, Ted White, shares an update on how the project is progressing as winter nears.

Course Restoration Update 4: Maketewah’s Course Superintendent, Ted White, narrates updates to the Restoration hole-by-hole.

Course Restoration Update 3: Brian Silva, Maketewah CC’s Ross Restoration Golf Course Architect gives insight on the essence of his strategic design.

Course Restoration Update 2: Join Ted White, Superintendent at Maketewah Country Club, on a tour behind the scenes of Phase III of the Ross Restoration.

Course Restoration Update 1: Follow and watch as dramatic changes are taking shape during the Donald Ross Course Restoration at Maketewah Country Club.